Counseling social innovators during times of change, growth, and innovation.

We equip leaders of nonprofits, businesses, and the legal profession with tools and resources that create scalable and sustainable social impact.

Capacity Building

We help high-performing nonprofits grow internal capacity by providing expert guidance and practical tools that are usually hard to find, inconsistently available, and typically (very) expensive.

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Private Sector
Social Innovation

We provide strategic counsel to big businesses, big brands, and big brains to develop social innovation strategies and to create partnerships of purpose that yield new, specific, and measurable social outcomes.

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Legal Industry
Social impact

The legal profession is rapidly accelerating its achievement in social impact and practice innovation. So we're helping law schools teach it, law firms practice it, and the legal profession support and measure it.

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Nonprofit Leadership & Capacity Building

We are experts in designing, building, growing, and evaluating high-performing, well-governed, and compliant organizations, programs, and partnerships.

Nonprofits regularly face three common professional services challenges:

  1. Pro bono relationships don't provide nonprofits everything they need as quickly or for as long as they need it.
  2. Nonprofit budgets are rarely big enough to afford all of the professional services required to effectively scale.
  3. Professional services are often complicated, hard to distill, and delivered by different providers whose services aren't integrated or streamlined.

That's where we come in.

Our team provides the value, efficiency, and integrated services of multiple experts with deep experience in developing the critical functions of impactful organizations and programs.  

Organizational Growth

  • Internal legal, governance, compliance, and program operations assessment, planning, improvement, and support
  • Finance, HR, and/or Management support for organizations in a period of growth or transition
  • Policy development for enterprise operations and management
  • Program conceptualization, design, and execution to ensure new, specific, and measurable program results
  • Comprehensive brand strategy, website, and digital design 
  • Fundraising and development strategy, guidance, and documentation that enhances and simplifies your success
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Dispute prevention practice points and dispute resolution guidance
  • Internship program (paid and unpaid) assessment and compliance guidance
  • Organizational formation, design, and development, including choice of entity considerations
  • Nonprofit mergers, acquisitions, and spinoffs
  • International entity formation and country-specific operations development and compliance guidance

High Performing Boards

  • Board recruitment, development, and growth strategies
  • Policy development and implementation, including codes of conduct, governance principles, and conflict of interest
  • Engagement and meeting preparation
  • Performance assessment and board self-evaluations

Policies That Work

  • Comprehensive employee policy development and implementation support
  • Employee engagement strategies
  • Employee performance assessment protocols and practices
  • Vetting and strategic intelligence policies, protocols, and practices 
  • Social investment policies

Practical Tools

  • Contract management, review, drafting, and negotiation
  • Turn-key, customizable documents - including NDAs, MOUs, ICAs, joint venture agreements, contractor and vendor agreements
  • Grant, funding, donor, and endowment agreements and support
  • Licenses, releases, and related intellectual property protection considerations
  • Event and production agreements
  • Integrated medical security planning for international program teams and travel
  • Internal capacity development to support effective ongoing use of provided tools

Impactful Programs

  • Program conceptualization, design, documentation, and development
  • Event ideation, program development, and execution
  • Partnership engagement and relationship documentation for cross-sector and multi-partner initiatives
  • Metrics-focused impact assessment, program evaluation, modification, and partnership engagement strategy guidance 

Private Sector Social Innovation

We help businesses turn ideas into action. We develop practical approaches to programs and partnerships of purpose that achieve measurable social impact.

Strategy & Implementation

  • Design, build, and deploy social impact strategies from program conceptualization, planning, implementation, modification, and evaluation 
  • Counsel emerging businesses on the dynamics between social entrepreneurship and business realities
  • Identify and create partnerships with strategic, implementation, and funding partners
  • Provide practical tools and experienced guidance to facilitate scalable and sustainable implementation of social impact strategies, with a key focus on assessment

Legal Industry Social Impact

We help law firms better speak and practice social impact. And we help law schools teach it.

Social impact is ubiquitous. Public, private, and cross-sector innovators are increasingly engaging their attorneys to help develop initiatives designed to achieve social outcomes. From structuring impact investing and social finance transactions to counseling corporate clients in cross-sector social impact initiatives, the role of the lawyer in serving the social sector is evolving rapidly.

Simultaneously, law firms and lawyers are increasingly innovating in their own practices and doing good in ways that far exceed traditional pro bono alone. We have seen this work firsthand and have observed how the profession is moving with purpose toward greater social impact.

During a critical time of evolution and innovation within the legal industry, our team helps the most dynamic law firms refine their approach to social impact in a way that meets increasing demand from both clients and talent for this work - and makes a profit in the process.

Here's how we help lawyers maximize their role as the architects of social innovation. 

Law Firms

  • We counsel leading law firms in developing Impact & Innovation practices and strategies.
  • We help firms maximize their time, talent, and resources for social impact while preserving each firm's unique culture and approach.
  • Our work emphasizes opportunities for firms to grow fee-generating Social Impact practices that provide new ways for firms to do good while doing well - inclusive of, but far beyond, pro bono alone.
  • We help firms deliver maximum value in their work with social impact clients.

Legal Education

  • We teach and lecture on social impact law and the role of lawyers in social innovation - bringing together a mix of history, corporate law, nonprofit law, guest lecturers, and experiential learning. 
  • We help law schools establish "Social Impact & Innovation" practices in law school-based clinics - providing experiential learning opportunities for students, much needed services to community non-profits and social enterprises, and an enhanced role for law school clinics in the communities they serve.