Here’s to 2019…and Beyond!


2018 went by in a blink. Time flies when you’re having fun serving great clients!

Here’s a short version of our 2018:

  • Our clients are amazing, inspiring, and changing the world across industries and sectors.

  • We’re helping them in virtually every aspect of their organization and work.

  • Our team grew!

And here’s a longer version:

Our Clients..png

Amazing Clients. Inspiring Work.

While we don’t advertise who our clients are, here’s a bit of what they - and we - have been up to:

  • Family Office Big Bet - We’ve helped an audaciously motivated family office design and build the next great big bet in cross-sector social impact (philanthropy, private sector, education, and beyond!). Stay tuned for big news on this one in 2019! 

  • A-List Social Impact - Some of our favorite icons are scaling the work of their foundations and nonprofit interests while also designing, building, and deploying a wider social impact approach across all of their businesses, interests, and platforms.
    It’s been our joy to support and help them build compliant, well governed, measurable work that can scale and sustain over time!

  • Private Sector Leaders Changing The World - We’ve supported some of the most influential businesses, brands and brains working to infuse their business models with dynamic social impact approaches.
    Far beyond CSR, corporate philanthropy, and pro bono alone, these businesses are motivating their teams and their markets by using their business models to do good while doing well. You’re going to see a lot more of this in 2019. We’re thrilled to be helping make it happen! 

  • Law Firms Too! - That’s right…law firms. Lawyers. No joke. We’re unapologetically bullish that lawyers are the architects of social innovation. Nobody doing anything great is doing (or has ever done) it without lawyers. So we help lawyers and law firms better speak and practice social impact - which motivates and serves their clients and their talent. Look for more law firms to launch their (profit-generating) Social Impact & Innovation practice groups in 2019! Chances are good we helped them! And if your law firm is on this path, let us know...we can help!

  • Dynamic Nonprofits - We’re supporting some of the most inspiring and rapidly scaling nonprofits working on some of the most important issues of our time. From dynamic and engaged boards, to financing models that support rapid growth, to helping with critically important details on extraordinary work being deployed nationwide and around the world, we provide some of the best guidance and tools to scale effectively. 

  • Political Dynamos on the Rise - Through our “hidden” offering we’ve been delighted to provide guidance to some of the most exciting rising stars in public service who focus on positive social impact over partisanship or party politics. This is the future of politics. And we’re excited to be supporting those on the leading edge.

In 2018, we’ve seen quite clearly that the “usual suspects” in social impact are changing. The most dynamic leaders are no longer just politicians and philanthropists. We’re seeing with greater clarity than ever before that CEOs, celebrities, newcomers in philanthropy, and an entire generation are engaging as powerful voices for change.

It’s our privilege - and a whole lot of fun - to support them.

Our Services.png

We help clients plan big, build simple, and scale for impact.
It’s hard work. We make it easier.

Our Most Popular Services in 2018:

  • General Counsel - Most growth-stage nonprofits and social enterprises don’t have and can’t afford a general counsel, but wish they could. That’s where we come in!
    From the Board to program teams and everywhere in between (especially contract review and Human Resources this past year - wow!), we make good governance and compliance real, simple, and seamless.  We don’t replace law firms (and aren’t one), but we reduce the need for one, and make sure the use of them is far more efficient and effective.

  • Strategic Counsel - $70,000 PowerPoint “Deliverables” often fail to deliver much at all. So we pick up where most strategic planning leaves off, diving in quickly and with focus to help our clients grow their organizations and their work to achieve specific, actionable, and measurable objectives. 

  • Program Design & Development - Our team’s unmatched experience in global philanthropy and on the leading edge of social enterprises results in laser-focused pattern recognition and issue identification. We’ve seen what works and know why it does, so we are uniquely positioned to help design, develop, and pivot programs, partnerships, and initiatives for impact. From landscape mapping, to purposeful partnerships, to impact storytelling and “not your average fundraising and development” guidance, we assist clients in achieving clear targets quickly and effectively.

  • Advocacy Strategies - For funders and organizations looking to create positive change through public policy, we’re developing smart, forward-thinking strategies at the state and federal levels to tackle some of the most intractable issues by looking at new ways to build power and winning outcomes.

That’s just where we were busiest in 2018.  There’s a lot more to what we do. Check it out here.

Our Team (1).png

Our Team Grew!

The individual and collective experience and talent of our team is what makes us unique, our services awesome, and our clients better off when we finish our work than when we started.
We’re thrilled to have added the following members and their skills to our team this year:

  • Zayneb Shaikley - Strategic Counsel; Human Resources; Partnerships; Commercial Transactions

  • Joe Ballard - Program Design; Impact Assessment; Strategic Planning; Development Strategy

  • Steve Rinehart - Principal Messaging & Communications

  • David Horwich - Advocacy Campaigns & Philanthropic and Political Counsel

We help amazing people change the world.

We’d love to help you, too!

If we aren’t already working together, let’s have a big, bold, fun conversation about what we can do together in 2019! Shoot us an email at